Planet Blue's "Under A Spell" Video

Super stoked one of my ukuleles was featured in Planet Blue's "Under A Spell" festival lookbook! What's even cooler is the behind the scenes video they put together. Check it out below! 

Designer: Blue Life
Model: Joanna Halpin
Stylist: Whitney Cox
Hair & Makeup: Crystal Boyce
Music By: Beach Fossils
Film/Edit: Brendan Calder

Festool Video Competition Win

I entered the Festool Video Competition on a whim.  It won in two divisions, Staff and Audience favorite.  I really appreciate the opportunity Festool has given woodworkers to share what they do.  It is great to see different uses for tools and other woodworkers' design ideas.  This experience has made me very excited about the future of my work.  I am anxious to get back in the shop just writing this post. 

Maple Floor Refinish

photo 1-1.JPG
photo 2-1.JPG

It isn't all guitars and glamour for this woodworker.  This is an office building in Santa Monica with a 10 year old maple floor.  I used my festool palm sander for the edges and a commercial floor sander for the open area.  After that I pulled two coats of good as new!

Contemporary Shaker Table II

photo 4-1.JPG

I love how the cocobolo accents the cherry.  Both woods have a red hue which pops when used together.  I will definitely keep this wood combination in mind for future projects.  This was my first attempt at breadboard ends.  It helps protect the end grain of the top and prevent cupping.  Anyone need a reclaimed cherry and cocobolo coffee table with wedged through tenons?

Contemporary Shaker Table

photo 1-1.JPG

I am currently cleaning up the shop and came across some cherry that was left over from a floor installation.  It was thin stock so I laminated pieces together to get my desired thickness.  I also had some nice cocobolo lying around that I thought would make a nice contrast to the cherry.  For this project  I decided to make all the cuts and joints with my festool equipment.  I used the TS-75 with the track for all the cross and rip cuts.  The Domino 500 joiner made the project come together much faster than tediously hand cutting the joints.  Festool was the reason I was able to crank this out in one day.  I had never done a bread board end on a table top before.  I think that these tools helped me achieve a clean, strong joint.  Now, all that is left to do, is a couple more coats of finish.  



It is great to work with exotic woods because there are always scraps to make useful holiday gifts.  I love to cook, so making items for the kitchen is a must.  Here are this years cutting boards and recipe boxes.