Growing up surfing and playing music on the beaches of Southern California, Paul-Alexander Fuller’s love for beach culture and his innate waterman spirit are unmistakable. Combine this with his traditional French roots and it’s no wonder he posses such a contagious bon vivant approach to life, which is ever present through his work. His unique gift of creating exceptional harmony between function and quality sets him apart.

Of his many pursuits, Paul is a passionate and accomplished multi-instrumentalist and composer. He currently writes and preforms original music with his bluegrass ensemble, Hot October. In 2013, he composed the score for the full-length documentary, A Fuller Life, which debuted at the 70th Annual Venice Film Festival. Paul’s musical resume also includes numerous appearances on the Fox hit TV show, Glee, as well as co-composing the theme for cult surf classic, One California Day.

Paul is also a talented luthier and woodworker. Melding his adoration of wood and music, Paul began experimenting in his shop the summer of 2002, which blossomed into a fully equipped creative studio. Paul’s versatile building portfolio ranges from custom furniture and cutting boards to ukuleles and guitars and everything in between. Fellow musicians admire Paul’s craftsmanship and are drawn to the playability, tone and volume of his instruments. In 2014, Paul won Festool’s Video Contest for his outstanding blend of traditional woodworking with modern, yet soulful, design.